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An Arizona Uncontested Divorce has a Few Requirements

by on March 29th, 2010

In the state of Arizona there are a few requirements necessary to obtain an uncontested divorce, including residency and the type of marriage.  The state of Arizona requires petitioners to have a minimum residency in the state of 90 days to file for a marriage dissolution.  If you have children, they must have been living in the state for six months before you can file for an online divorce in Arizona.  Your Arizona divorce papers must be filed in the county where you have lived in for at least 90 days.  Your divorce is finalized when the judge signs the final divorce decree.  If you have to appear in court, it should only last a few minutes and you will leave a single person.

The only exception is if your marriage is a covenant marriage.  A covenant marriage is defined as a legal contract between the parties that they will not get a divorce from each other.  The purpose of a covenant marriage is to make it difficult for the marriage to end.  You should seek legal advice to get a divorce from a covenant marriage.

If you are getting divorced there are other options besides litigation.  Hiring a mediator may be a good place to start the process.  Mediation is typically faster and less expensive than hiring an attorney.  Alona M. Gottfried is an experience family law mediator in Arizona.  Call today to see if you are eligible for a free 30 minute consultation.  Mediation is not for everyone.  Both parties need to willingly participate in the process.  If one party is not agreeable mediation will not work and other methods to end the conflict will need to be sought out.

This information is of general interest.  Should you require legal advice seek out the services of a professional or attorney.

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