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About Alona

Arizona Mediator and Attorney

Alona M. Gottfried, Arizona Mediator and Attorney

After 15 years of litigation, Alona saw a need for mediation and collaborative divorce after seeing the negative effects of litigation on not just the immediate parties but the children.  Litigation can be not only draining on you wallet but the emotional cost could have a devastating impact on your health and well being.  Getting good results in the courtroom are not guaranteed thus placing your life in your own hands versus a third party is usually preferred.

Litigation is necessary in some cases but using a mediator is usually a better method to resolve issues.  Using a mediator typically results in betters outcomes since the agreements where mutual rather that imposed by a judge.

Alona M. Gottfried is an attorney and mediator in Arizona. She is committed to ending conflict through collaborative and peaceful methods. She not only does Arizona Family Law Mediation but business mediation as well.  For a free 30 minute Mediation consultation, please call 480-998-1500.

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